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How to get inside your customer's inbox is a bit tricky. You have to send the right content to the right person, and understand how to stay away from the spam filters.

Move the needle

After sending tens of thousands of emails you get the hang of what type of emails to send. Similar to the 10 000 hours rule.

A/B Testing

Every customer is unique. A simple copy/paste strategy won't give you the result you seek. You need to A/B test Everything to optimize for Your customers.

From Idea to Action

Our Latest Case Study

How we increased Healthy Roots Email Revenue by 425% in 6 months!

Stop Stressing
about your emails not converting!

Learn how you can get the results you’ve been hoping for and feel like you finally have emails under control.

What Our Clients Say About Us

One of our clients’ favorite upsides is that now they get to spend their time doing what they’re actually good at.

Chris Smith

Humblemaker Coffee Co.

”Working with Sebastian and Amie is an absolute pleasure. They’re easy to talk to and always go above and beyond. They bring in ideas I would never have had on my own. Since we began working together, it’s been like night and day. I never think about emails anymore because I know they got it covered. 
I recommend them to anyone who needs to improve their email marketing!”

Liz Merrit

Healthy Roots Hemp

”Before working with Mighty E-Xperteze, we were sending mass emails and literally burning my domain by doing so. These problems caused me to feel hopeless, and want to give up. Email marketing is one of the only marketing I can do, since I am in the Hemp space. Sales were dropping and at our worst moment, a week prior to starting with Mighty E-Xperteze, more than 50% of my emails bounced. 

Since working with them, the email revenue has increased more than 5x, and the ROI of working with them is above 6x.
I recommend Mighty E-Xperteze to anyone that needs to take their email marketing to the next level. If you are looking for a company that truly cares about their clients and wants to see them succeed, this is the team for you. You won’t be another number, or just another client, you are family.”

Rachel Gomez

Viva La Bonita

”Mighty Experteze is exactly what we needed as a growing company. The skills and creativity the company brings to the table has elevated our email marketing to a new level. The team is so helpful, great communication skills, and committed.”  

What Choosing Us Can Mean For You

The statistics below are a small piece of the acheivements we’ve reached for our clients in just 60 days.

6 Month Average Email Revenue increase
6 months average revenue increase 71%
Revenue Per Reciepent
Revenue Per Recipient increased 84%
Campaign Open Rate
Average Campaign Open Rate increased 96%

What are our Services

We offer two kinds of packages. Coaching, and Done For You.
Coaching is often for you who already got someone in place, but they need to improve, or if you want to do it yourself. Find out more below.


Join us for a personalized 12-week 1:1 coaching program.

Become confident in your email marketing.

Learn how you increase your email revenue, build loyal customers & design great-looking emails on your own!

Done For You

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Delegate away your problems, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get the results you’re looking for while spending your time doing what you’re great at!

Let’s build your business together!

We Understand Your Brand

Branding is important. You have a unique voice your audience likes. Our ability to understand and replicate it is one of the most important aspects to scale your business and retain customers successfully.

Check out some of our previous work for our clients

Book a Free Audit

We’ll look inside your account to discover what needs to be done.
If your email marketing is doing good already, we’ll pass you a few pointers. If not, you’ll know where to focus. 

Everything we learn is yours to keep, even if you don’t work with us.
It’s a win-win situtation.

Get in Touch to improve your email strategy and execution.

Get In Touch,
Book a Call

What is the cost of not taking action?
Where would that leave you and your brand in the next year?

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results is not working.
Try something new instead.


Join us for a personalized 12-week 1:1 coaching program.

Become confident in your email marketing.

Learn how you increase your email revenue, build loyal customers & design great-looking emails on your own!

Done For You

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Delegate away your problems, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get the results you’re looking for while spending your time doing what you’re great at!

Let’s build your business together!

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Add a sprinkle of magic 🪄⁠

Or storytelling, which you might know it as.⁠

But I’d like to consider it like magic ✨⁠

I bet you’ve stumbled upon a post so good you stopped mid-scroll and just kept on reading 👀⁠

Yup, it’s the magic of storytelling. And sprinkling it into your emails can make a huge difference.⁠

💢 Not every email needs to contain it. Some subjects are better told with facts or in bullets. But some topics are perfect for storytelling.⁠

So, how do you write a good story? 👇️⁠

🧵 Tailor it to your audience’s interests⁠

🧲 Start with a compelling hook⁠

🤫 Include suspense, humor, metaphors, or vivid anecdotes⁠

🏛️ Have a clear beginning, middle & end⁠

👊 Build tension and conflict⁠

😱 Evoke emotions and empathy⁠

🚀 End it with a clear takeaway⁠

Not a fan of storytelling? 🤔⁠
No worries. You can still get your subscribers highly engaged with your emails 💌⁠

With great content and captivating hooks, you can achieve anything 🚀 Keep shining and stay inspired! ✨⁠

Have you tried the art of storytelling? ✍️ Let me know how it went in the comments!⁠

Tap the follow button to join the email rebellion and get more free tips just like this! 🤍⁠

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Are you stuck in the circle of doom? 🤯⁠

Let’s set the stage, ⁠

The Hero, aka You, is on a mission to save your clients from their troubles ✊⁠

Enter your enemies - low consistency, high competition, and bad marketing advice 😈⁠

Your weapon of choice: email marketing ⚡️⁠

Once upon a time, in a bustling town, there lived a determined solopreneur named Lily 🌸⁠
She ran a service business and knew she could make a massive impact in the lives of her community if only she could get them to listen. ⁠
So she armed herself with her most powerful weapon: email marketing 💣️⁠

Lily started sending out emails, sharing valuable tips and practical advice 💌⁠
However, trouble was brewing as her consistency wavered, and the competition was rough.⁠

“Fakexperts” tried to tempt her with shortcuts and deceptive tactics, and her emails started going to spam.⁠
Lily had gotten stuck in the circle of doom and felt further away from her dream than she ever had before 😞⁠

But with unwavering determination and a little help from her fairy godmother Ames, Lily started sending out weekly emails, where she weaved captivating narratives, showcasing her expertise and addressing the challenges her subscribers faced 🙌⁠
She embraced consistency and infused her emails with her genuine passion and dedication.⁠

With each well-crafted email, her subscribers felt seen, valued, and inspired, and as time passed, they transformed into devoted fans who not only sought her services but became advocates, spreading the word about Lily’s business far and wide 🎉⁠

And so, the tale of Lily, the solopreneur hero armed with email marketing, serves as a reminder that by nurturing and engaging with your email subscribers, you can avoid the circle of doom, build a loyal fan base, and bring positive change to your community ✨⁠

Are you familiar with the Circle of Doom? 🫣 Tap the follow button and save yourself from experiencing it! 🤍⁠

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Ready for raving fans and loyal clients? 🎉⁠

To turn a person into a loyal client returning for your new offers, you need them to go through the funnel.⁠

❌ A common mistake is missing the second part - the welcome flow. I mean, it`s so important I included it in the funnel, so don`t skip it.⁠

Let`s look at the funnel in detail. Once we understand it. It`s easier to persuade an ideal client through it successfully 👏⁠

✨ Attract⁠
The first step is attracting people to your list, but not just anyone. You want to attract only people interested in buying what you offer.⁠

👋 Welcome⁠
Once you get them to sign up, give them what they came for (the lead magnet) and greet them properly. It sets the tone for their experience in your community, and you want it to be a good one.⁠

🌸 Nurture⁠
Craft highly valuable emails to engage and educate your audience. Segment your list based on interest & behavior to deliver targeted messages that speak directly to each group.⁠

💰️ Conversion⁠
Mix your nurturing content with promotional content to constantly catch the subscribers ready to buy from you. Offering exclusive content or limited-timed offers can encourage conversions.⁠

💘 Retention⁠
Continue to deliver value and maintain communication with converted clients. Foster a long-term relationship and offer them exclusive content and encourage repeat purchases.⁠

Each part is crucial if you want a thriving community of people who not only buy from you but also recommend you to others 📣⁠

👉️ Next step: master the effective techniques for nurturing your email subscribers!⁠

Stay inspired and keep shining! ✨⁠

Save this post in your email folder to double back and remind yourself of the best ways to get raving fans and loyal clients 🤍⁠

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The quickest growth trick is… 👀⁠

giving away free money to new subscribers 🫣⁠

It`s also the *dumbest* way to grow your email list.⁠

Correct me if I`m wrong, but I don`t think a list of 50k people who only came for free money is what you want 🤔⁠

I think you want to quickly grow a list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in your offer and want to be part of your community ✨⁠

👉️ The solution is crafting an easily consumed & highly valuable Lead Magnet⁠

It should speak directly to your ideal client and help them quickly solve a problem ⏳️⁠

Because to grow a community of ideal clients, you need to offer something they can`t wait to get their hands on - a lead magnet so good you could charge for it 💸⁠

Now you`re attracting the subscribers you WANT on your list, and quickly too 🚀⁠

What type of lead magnet do you have? 🌸 Let me know in the comments! 👇️⁠

I`m on a mission to make email marketing easy for solopreneurs and marketers! ⚡ ⁠

Join the Email Marketing Revolution. Follow along for more expert tips and strategies! 🤍⁠

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